We’ve all heard it before (and it’s a safe bet that we’ve all said it before): ‘New year, new me.’

While New Year’s resolutions have become almost a ritual or a show (as the running joke is they are destined to go unfulfilled), there are some goals that, through luck, dedication or sheer will of the universe, are actually seen through to completion.

There’s a number of different resolution types — reconnecting with people, starting a new hobby, travelling or being more active, to name a few — but the most common resolution we hear is ‘I’m definitely going to start eating better.’

It’s not an easy task, but making healthier choices not only has the direct nutritional effects, but also plays a role in so many other facets of your day-to-day life; making it a goal that is definitely worth trying to achieve. There’s no one miracle food that will magically change your life right away, but if you’re looking for some of the trendy delicious eats for 2017 — and help you eventually say ‘Told you so’ to all your doubters — check out these resolution-friendly good items.

Bean Pastas
Modern wheat pastas (white, enriched, semolina or whole wheat) have far less nutritional value than they once did, plus are a no-go for gluten intolerances or Celiac disease. Bean pastas, however, contain nearly twice as much protein, fibre and iron. Options such as black bean rotini, soybean spaghetti or edamame fettuccine are slightly chewier than its wheat counterparts, but absorbs flavour just as well, making it the perfect wheat substitute for your pastas going forward.

Veggie Chips
Seriously, who doesn’t love chips? Light, crunchy, salty and now possessing any conceivable flavour, chips can be a great snack — but when a whole bag suddenly disappears (which happens all too easy)? Kiss your resolution goodbye.
The solution? Say goodbye instead to the classic starchy processed potato chips, and start making your own crunchy veggie chips. Using kale, beets, sweet potato or other root vegetables, it’s incredibly easy to make a delicious snack that keeps your resolution intact.

A spice that has been around thousands of years, but is now being recognized as an extraordinary nutritional supplement. Known for its golden colour and adding a peppery flavour to a whole hot of Indian dishes, turmeric also helps protect against arthritis, being a powerful antioxidant, while also helping battles Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and depression — thanks to the presence of the compound curcumin.
Start adding turmeric to your meals to reap the rewards, or sip on what is surely to be one of 2017’s go-to beverages: the Golden Milk Latte.

Creative Jerky
No, we’re not talking about the two-dollar beef snacks you grab at the corner store, which are loaded with salt and usually have a sugary marinade or sauce added to them. Still a protein-driven snack, something beyond the low-grade beef you’re accustomed to — salmon, lamb or even watermelon jerky — and have something that is flavourful and (if you do it at home) isn’t overloaded with salt or sugar.

It’s been called by many as the “vegan pulled pork.” Do you really need to know anything else?
Probably not, but this South Asian superfood is a good source of potassium, calcium, iron and protein (albeit not as much as tofu or, well, actual meat), and it can be eaten unripe (where it’s more starchy) or ripe, where it is sweeter and has a meaty texture. You can even eat the seeds, and the fruit is plentiful: it’s everywhere in tropical climates and one individual jackfruit can grow up to 100 pounds!

All Coconut Everything
We understand that coconut milk, coconut water and coconut oil have been staples of the healthy eating world for years, but now coconut is taking it to the next level. Coconut flour is gluten-free, high in protein and fiber and easier to digest than regular white flour. Plus it is also less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. It is high in saturated fat compared to other flour alternatives, and is also tricky if you’re trying to bake something with a light, fluffy texture, but it’s flavouring (especially with some breakfast, dessert or seafood) makes it worth exploring. Coconut sugar also provides an interesting flavour and option to standard white sugar, but again must be done in moderation!