Now that March Madness is under way, JUST EAT is ready to help you cheer on your team with your friends the right way. Since you’ll likely be staying in with your fellow sports fans gathered around the tube, we want to remind you that JUST EAT is here for all your March Madness needs. Order online or on the free app for all your party food needs. We have restaurants in every city that are ready to deliver all the wings and pizza you can handle. If that’s not what you fancy for a sports-themed party, check out our suggested list of party food ready to order on JUST EAT.

In the spirit of ordering food during March Madness, JUST EAT has put together their own competitive round of events featuring your favourite party foods. We call it Munch Madness and we’re giving you the chance to score a promo code to order food on JUST EAT. Participating is simple; check out our Facebook page and comment or like our daily posts by choosing which food you think is superior over the other. Once we declare a winner we’ll release a promo code to celebrate the victory. Join our battle of the foods and have your say with the chance to win vouchers to order what you love on JUST EAT.

Want to bring the battle to life? We created our own Munch Madness Bracket card that you can save and print for your March Madness parties. Take a break from the game and get real about your feelings on delivery.


Tap the app for all your March Madness needs. We’ll bring the food.