Nightmarkets are probably one of the few cases where crowds don’t faze me. If you haven’t been to a nightmarket or have never heard of it before, then you’ll be delighted to know that the Power Unit Youth Organization has brought a quintessential part of Asia to you! Besides, who can deny the allure of this mega-combination of games, performances and over 100 food-stands peddling the best of Asian cuisine?! Looking at this recipe for happiness, the popularity of Night it Up 2012 is undeniable and further reinforced by the fact that it’s entering it’s 11th straight year. Being proud sponsors of the 2012 Night It Up event, we would like to give you a quick peek of what’s in store!

Can you name any of the treats above?

Here’s a list of them that you can match to the picture: Tacoyaki, Lamb and Squid skewers, Stinky tofu, egg puff/ boba bread, tornado potato

Illustrating only a small fraction of the entire event, the photos above are reason enough for you to drop by and have some fun (if not food)! With such a mouth-watering line-up of authentic Asian fare, we’ll grudgingly admit that you won’t be able to find all of these dishes on so save your stomach for some seriously good food this upcoming weekend and Night it Up :)!

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