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Restaurant Owner? Sign Up for JUST EAT!

By - 1st January 2012

Why join JUST EAT?

You will be able to focus on your key business: Cooking food

More business:

Average revenue increase ranging 15-25% a year!

JUST EAT Marketing:

JUST EAT aggressively promotes the brand and single outlets through its proven marketing channels adding extra-value to restaurant owners for free!

New ordering channel:

Restaurants get a new ordering channel
avoiding massive set-up and
marketing costs.





  • MizzTiggz

    We need to get Perfect Chinese on here….I woulds sooo order from them all the time!

    • Richard

      Chez Min at 770 Rosemont…

  • jm

    Please get Vietnamese delivery going in Mount Pleasant area – dying for it!!!

  • john

    Chez Phi-B Vietnamese Cuisine, in Repentigny, very good soup repas! and vietnamese grill dishes

  • Bob Toner

    Does Just eat interface with PixelPoint POS System