The month of November serves as a kickoff month, signalling the start of the holiday season, the start of continuous cold weather and — the most important — the start of the endless parade of comfort food to your dinner table!

As fall turns into winter, and the thermometer subsequently keeps creeping lower and lower, the desire for light, fresh entrees turns into a craving (bordering on dependence) for meals that are heavier, rich in flavour and truly live up to their name — comfort food.

This month our Toronto Instagram channel did a mouth-watering weekly feature on the comfort food that will absolutely get you through another Toronto winter. But if you happened to miss them (or worse, you don’t follow @justeat_yyz) we’ve got everything packaged here all neat and lovely for when you next need some comfort food delivered on Just Eat:

Little India's Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

An incredibly popular Indian dish, chicken is marinated in a mixture of cream and spices, then cooked (or sometimes grilled) and served in a mild butter-curry sauce, traditionally on top of basmati rice. A hearty dish full of flavour (spices involved generally include garam masala, ginger, garlic, coriander, turmeric, and chili), butter chicken — and most Indian dishes overall — are the perfect recipe for curing those cold-weather blues.
With plenty of Indian restaurants around the city, including Little India, there is no shortage of places to get your butter chicken fix.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Hot Beverages

The term ‘comfort food’ doesn’t actually have to stick just to edible things, as a hot beverage can work wonders when you’re feeling down or need a pick-me-up (and no, coffee doesn’t count as it has already been scientifically proven as essential to human functionality). Whether having hot chocolate as a child (or as an adult — we don’t judge), or having warm apple cider, mulled wine or any other warm bevy, there’s about a 99.873 per cent chance that you’ll be feeling better afterwards. Speciality beverage shops all across Toronto, like Aroma Espresso Bar, are always ready to bring you a cup of comfort, and trust us — they’re good at what they do.

The Office Pub


Another popular dish with infinite flavour possibilities, pasta hits a few major ticks on the ‘comfort food’ checklist: it’s full of starch (✔), it’s, more often than not, served warm (✔), it mixes well with a number of fall/winter spices (✔) and a single order of pasta can last for two, sometimes even three meals (✔✔✔). While Italian restaurants offer an authenticity to their pasta that is difficult to match, the vast majority of restaurants in the city will have some sort of pasta available, including The Office Pub, which provide a the familiar feeling of relief, meal after meal.

Coco Rice Thai


Notice a theme here? Heavy, filling dishes and hot, invigorating liquids are the trademarks of comfort food, and soup is a delicate balance between the two. The truly timeless comfort food, a hot bowl of soup has been the remedy for a sour mood for many generations. While chicken noodle soup has generally been anointed the best soup for the soul, the market for soups today possesses anything you can think of. Restaurants such as Coco Rice Thai offer soups beyond the standard chicken noodle: try some Tom Yum soup, wonton soup or creamy pumpkin soup.

OM Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

If you’re not going to go the big-and-heavy meal or the hot beverage route for your culinary comfort, then what route should you go? How about the cheesy/melty/crispy combination of awesomeness that is a grilled cheese sandwich? While there is something to be said for the classic cheddar on white bread grilled cheese (paired with tomato soup for a double-dose of comfort), the modern grilled cheese features a plethora of cheeses, a wide variety of breads and enough different toppings that you’ll be smiling from December right through to April with a different sandwich every time.
There are more and more grilled cheese locations opening, such as OM Grilled Cheese, that offers everything from adventurous and unique to a simple — yet still delicious — classic.

Order your comfort food faves on Just Eat and embrace the joys of our Canadian winter season!