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GRUB Canada - FAQ

The time for Grub Canada is nigh (is that even a valid word for this century?)!

Yes, that's right. It's the final countdown.

In October 2011, acquired Grub Canada and it seems that the time has finally come to say goodbye. All good things must come to an end. But you know what they say: change is good (ok, so that's what the monkey says in Lion King, but it sounded pretty wise when we were kids, right?).

So, what does this mean for all you Grubbers (Grub users? Grubby users? GrubCanada-ers? Grub Canadians? Grubbies? Grubby Canadians?)

Here's a quick FAQ for what you need to know:

What happened to GRUB Canada
What happens to my GrubCanada account?
What about my favourite delivery restaurants?
How do I know when there's a promotional offer?
What's up with the final countdown?

What happened to GRUB Canada?

GRUB Canada was acquired and integrated with JUST-EAT Canada back in October 2011. What, you didn't get the memo? The last day you will be able to use GRUB Canada's ordering service is November 30, 2012. It's the final countdown !


With the acquisition of Grub Canada, JUST EAT Canada become the largest website in Canada offering customers the ease of ordering food online for delivery from nearby and local restaurants. In Canada, JUST EAT operates in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton as well as university cities like Guelph, Waterloo, Kingston and many others. (To see if JUST operates in your area, go to and enter your postal code on the homepage!) JUST EAT is a global company, operating in 14 cities worldwide including Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Brasil, France and many others. Go to for more information.

What happens to my Grub Canada account?

In the words of 'N Sync, it's "Bye Bye Bye" to your Grub Canada account. But, if you sign up with today, you can get $5 OFF your first order. see below

What about my favourite delivery restaurants?

You will be able to find approximately 95% of the restaurants that were on GrubCanada on (That's not a made-up statistic, we promise). If you don't see your favourite delivery restaurant, suggest it !

How do I know when there's a voucher/promotional offer?

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What's up with the final countdown?

The Final Countdown was written by Joey Tempest and performed by his Swedish rock band, Europe. The song was released in 1986. Check out the music video!

And, #didyouknow that The Final Countdown is often associated with Rocky IV but in fact, it was only added to the soundtrack but never appeared in the film.

There?s even a dubstep remix!